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11.12.2011 (1010 Days Ago)
A blog about my SDIY life, and then some.
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Out of flux
Out of flux
1010 days ago 0 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: GM5x5x5, MIDIpal

I'm out of liquid flux, and have a four hours drive and three hours with ferry to the nearest supplier, so there will be no MIDIpal build this weekend either, and possibly not until christmas. Instead I spent my SDIY time trying to get the GM5x5x5 working, without success. The interface lights up and installs as it should but no ports are available in any program, really annoying. I put me for some more chips and a couple of PCB at bulk order site just to have another go but there is long way to 250 preorders. I have also spent some time investigating analog drum and trigger circuits, I really would like to build something similar to MFB's drum boxes...

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