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1010 days ago 0 comments Categories: Build log Tags: GM5x5x5, MIDIpal
After input from nILS (who designed the PCB) and Ilmenator over at the MIDIBox forum I finaly got the GM5x5x5 interface working! It was a driver problem and after removing and reinstalling it the inte
1012 days ago 0 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: GM5x5x5, MIDIpal
I'm out of liquid flux, and have a four hours drive and three hours with ferry to the nearest supplier, so there will be no MIDIpal build this weekend either, and possibly not until christmas. Instead
1047 days ago 0 comments Categories: Build log Tags: SAS PSU, Rockit, GM5x5x5
On Thursday evening I realized that there are still some issues with the GM5x5x5 USB2MIDI interface. There is some loose connection somewhere causing the device to be recognized by the computer but no
1056 days ago 2 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: SAS PSU, Rockit, Shruthi-1, MS-20, GM5x5x5, MIDIpal
So I'm home from Nepal, an amazing country go there!, since a couple of weeks and still no sign of The Rockit kit, which should be on it's way if I understand things correctly, and no MIDIpal availabl
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