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andrewF : curious 48 y/o  flag Perth, Australia
a normal person who likes building synths
mjkirk12 : DSP synthesis geek 48 y/o  flag Chicago, United States
Interested in Motorola/Freescale based DSP synths.  Non-aliasing digital synthesis.
Erodgenation : When life becomes what you hat... 50 y/o  flag Austin, United States
Human being comprised of magnetic quantum fields being Human :P
tiego : bleepbleep 50 y/o  flag Paris, France
AvidPhoneme : AvidPhoneme - The First Name i... 50 y/o  flag Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
AvidPhoneme is an experimental sound and visual cornucopia of experimentation! Based round sensationalizing our perceptual senses,...
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